Consists on roughing metal parts with rough abrasive to produce a reasonably smooth and flat surface.


Type of polished which gives a smooth and shiny appearance to metal parts.


Projection abrasive materials at high speed on the metal surface, so that the impact of such abrasive cleans the surface roughness causing some positive grip of the future coat paint.


Automated process of sand blasting, ie whitout human process during projection of abrasive.


Mechanical-chemical process, for wich an abrasion material is obtained both on the surface and edges of metal parts.


Process applied on metal parts in order to remove oil and grease.

Processes usually made in pieces with the aim to get a better visual appearance of the piece.

Other finishes

Tratamientos electrolíticos
Electrolytic Treatments
Tratamientos superficiales
Surface treatments
tratamientos termicos
Heat treatments

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