Why the name’s company JOM?

The founder, Mr.. Josep Calls Sarroca thought in these acronyms because they correspond to the initials of the names of his three sons, Josep M. Calls López, Oscar Calls López and Montserrat Calls López, nowadays the second generation, in front of the corporation.

Do you provide reports for approval of parts and / or dimensional


Before starting a production for the first time, we follow an approval process of the piece and a dimensional report. We work for many different sectors and we know to adapt to the needs of our customers.

We are used to working for sectors with high quality requirements.

Are the treatments and finishes made on your facilities?


We surround ourselves with the best partners to provide this service. Competitive suppliers and used to working under high quality requirements.

We only Internalize direct manufacturing processes, because that’s where we think we are good. Hence we provide a solution as Full to our customers and we can offer almost all existing surface treatments.

Do you meet with delivery times ?

We give a transcendental importance to compliance deadlines. This is the reason why we have ERP tools that allow us to work with constant production and supply schedules done automaticallys every 3 minutes 3 minutes .

Our qualified staff is responsible for ensure that the supplies arrive on time and productions are performed at the right time to meet the delivery time for the final product.

Does your company have quality certificate?

Yes. We have the ISO 9001.

From the direction of the company we have always believed that all all the products manufactured in JOM must have the highest quality. Therefore we make rigorous quality control in all our manufacturing processes.

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