Description of service

Metal stamping from 20 up to 250 tons with progressive die tools, or phases die tools.

We have our own tooling workshop. We manufacture different metal parts for different applications.

We provide the best solution to optimize the production process of the part, in order to offer a competitive price while maintaining our quality standards.

Benefits of our way of working?

Our versatility. We have experience as metal stamping manufacturer for companies from different sectors (automotive, electricity, motorbikes, air conditioning, lighting, gamming industry, electricity, construction, machinery, , etc.). This allows us to adapt our processes and quality standards , according to the needs of each customer and the sector to which it belongs.

We are genuine professionals of metal stamping, our more than 40 years and many customers support us.

To whom this service is intendend to?

We work for different sectors. (automotive, electricity, motorbikes, construction, machinery, , lighting, gamming industry, air conditioning, etc.). Any company with the need of metal parts in order to distribute them or use them for later stage of manufacturing or assembly processes.

Delivery times

We know the importance that currently represents to receive the supplies on schedule. We have advanced planning tools in our ERP, that allow us to plan all production processes to ensure timely delivery to our customers. On-time delivery, is one of the qualities most valued by our customers.

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