Die tooling construction for own consumption and also to third parties.

We build all kind of progressive die tools, for our own production in our facilities or outside our factory. The company’s philosophy is based on insourcing all direct production processes that are involved in the manufacturing of the die tool from the project, until the last technical adjustment

We have our own engineering department for the development of die tool project. We have the necessary human and technological resources, to solve all the needs of our customers.

We add value to our service through the experience and know-how gained in over 40 years.

We internalize all production processes of the construction of die tool . because, thus, we get experience and we help to contain the cost of investment by not increasing the the processes costs, with third-party intervention.

We have our own metal stamping section which allows us to test all the die tools that we manufacture before, we deliver them to our customers.

Any company with the need of metal stamping production (up to 250 T press) of metal components for any industry.

Companies with the need to reduce their production costs, automating processes either, or reducing material consumption, for better use of raw materials.

Companies with own section of metal stamping parts and the need to outsource the construction of their die tools.

In JOM we are aware that one of the most important factors for our customers, is that the delivery times are respected.

We focus much of our efforts in getting it. We carry out an internal planning and monitoring all our tooling projects in order to avoid any delay.

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